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Children's Ministry

We love children at Shawanee Baptist Church.  It is a joy to invest in their lives and to partner with parents in providing an excellent program of Bible teaching. 

The Bible teaches that children are a gift from the Lord.  We consider our ministry to your children to be a great privilege. The opportunity we have with parents to lay down the biblical and spiritual foundation of a child is essential while they are young and eager to learn.

We offer your children a fun, balanced and biblical program that incorporates instruction, fellowship and ministry.  Your child will experience Bible time, crafts, games, music, playtime and much more.

The Children's/Nursery Ministry area is constructed with function, cleanliness and security in mind.  It is beautifully decorated with bright colors and wall paintings in biblical themes.  Your child is sure to enjoy themselves while being involved in our Children's/Nursery Ministry.


We are very excited to welcome you to our Preschool Ministry here at Shawanee Baptist Church.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s spiritual foundation for a lifetime of growth in Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that you will consider your time here well spent.

The goals of our ministry are:

  • To help each child feel comfortable, secure and loved, thus knowing they are special.
  • To provide a safe, clean and happy Christian environment for your children while at church.
  • To help each child have positive feelings about people and things associated with God.
  • To help each child know the Bible is a special book that tells about God and Jesus.
  • To lay a spiritual foundation so that each child is aware of God’s love.
  • To help each child make progress solving problems, sharing and thinking of others.
  • To encourage the active participation of parents in worship, Bible study, fellowship and service.

If there are any questions about our Children’s/Nursery Ministry please contact the Church Office for more information.